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Welcoming a baby into your family is one of the greatest moments of your life. Those first few weeks at home are such a (beautiful) blur. It’s not just about snapping photos. It’s about capturing those fleeting moments that make the early days oh so magical and having images that will be cherished forever. In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are so incredibly special and done in the place that matters the most, your home. Why choose an in home newborn session? Because home is truly where the heart is. The soft glow of natural light pouring through familiar windows, the nursery

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5 Reasons to Choose an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

When I had my first baby a good friend told me “You are now a part of the greatest club in the world. The mama club.” And it has been the absolute best, so welcome to the club! The arrival of a newborn is a momentous occasion. The days are filled with joy, love, and countless memories waiting to be captured. When it comes to newborn photography, many parents opt for the timeless images of in-home lifestyle sessions. In this blog post, we’ll explore five reasons why choosing an in-home lifestyle newborn session with Becca Cuellar Photography is the perfect


What to wear for your lifestyle newborn session

If you are anything like me then you have most likely stared at the clothes in your closet while getting ready, thinking you have nothing to wear and hate everything you own. Add in the pressure of wanting beautiful newborn photos with a postpartum body and it’s a lot for anybody to handle. I’ve been there, I understand. My goal with each newborn session is that you are prepared well before baby arrives earth side. That way there is minimal wardrobe stress the day of photos and you aren’t staring at your clothes wishing you would have planned it out


Sacramento Fresh 48 Photographer

When my dear friend Nicole told me she was expecting her third baby we almost immediately began planning a hospital newborn session. Being able to capture those precious moments in the hospital after giving birth is something that both of us have loved for a while. We knew that everything was going to have to line up perfectly though. I live just outside of Sacramento in Rocklin and she delivered in Modesto. Thankfully, it was meant to be! We quickly began referring to it as a Fresh 12 instead of a Fresh 48 since the timing was so quick from



I have always been drawn to light, authenticity and deep connections with others. My love for photography began as I watched my mom capture our families adventures and then wait in anticipation for the photos to be developed. I was so fascinated that I was able to look back and relive those moments through our photos. As a wife and mama to three babies (who aren’t really babies anymore) I know just how precious these days are. I want to remember all the little things about motherhood, how my kids felt in my arms and what our family has looked like through each stage of life. I carry this deep love of storytelling and authenticity when I am behind the camera and hope to capture your beautiful family soon.

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