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When my dear friend Nicole told me she was expecting her third baby we almost immediately began planning a hospital newborn session. Being able to capture those precious moments in the hospital after giving birth is something that both of us have loved for a while. We knew that everything was going to have to line up perfectly though. I live just outside of Sacramento in Rocklin and she delivered in Modesto. Thankfully, it was meant to be! We quickly began referring to it as a Fresh 12 instead of a Fresh 48 since the timing was so quick from when she delivered to when I was able to document these.

Hospital Details

Having delivered three kids of my own there are so many details that I wish I would have captured at the hospital that I didn’t. Images of the hospital, signs, the room number and detail images inside the room all help to tell the incredible birth story. These were just a few of my favorite from her special day.

What exactly is a Fresh 48 session?

A fresh 48 is a newborn session taken within the first 48 hours of a baby being born. Typically, this is done in the hospital the day after welcoming a baby into the world. Post pandemic, hospital stays have gotten shorter.  In this case since they were going to release them from the hospital quickly, we did the session less than a day later. Hence, the Fresh 12 nickname. In the case of a home birth, a session would still take place within the first 48 hours of your babies life. The focus would  be capturing the newness just in your house instead of a hospital room.

It is wild to think that in a matter of just a few hours a baby goes from inside a mother’s womb to lying in her arms. The details like puckered lips, teeny tiny nails and wisps of hair on their head are enthralling to new parents. These tiny details also change so quickly. Studying and admiring a brand new baby never gets old.

Newborn Snuggles

This sweet baby fit perfectly against her mama’s chest and even gave us a little smile. Nicole also shared that the song that was playing when she entered the world was Lovely Day. I can’t help but think that she truly is a ray of sunshine. She makes each day more lovely simply because she is in it.

Fresh 48 sessions are perfect for capturing those tender and intimate moments like breast feeding.

Also, moments between you and your partner like this.

Booking a Fresh 48

Most mamas schedule their Fresh 48 session in their second trimester. Although, there is never too early of a time to book! Due to the nature of births and not knowing exactly when a baby will arrive it is important for me to plan ahead. Scheduled c-sections are slightly different. Since we know exactly when baby will arrive we can book a date. If you are expecting and local to the Sacramento area I would love to chat more about a Fresh 48!

“Oh my goodness Becca! These are perfect!!! They captured that time so beautifully and everything about them is so genuine and what my mama heart needs now and in the future to remember her first day on earth. I cannot imagine watching this in a few months. Or her first birthday. These are invaluable to me and I appreciate them so much.” To hear more from Nicole and read about her incredible birth story click here!

In addition to Fresh 48 sessions, I also love capturing newborns inside their homes! Click to see a recent Roseville lifestyle newborn session.


I have always been drawn to light, authenticity and deep connections with others. My love for photography began as I watched my mom capture our families adventures and then wait in anticipation for the photos to be developed. I was so fascinated that I was able to look back and relive those moments through our photos. As a wife and mama to three babies (who aren’t really babies anymore) I know just how precious these days are. I want to remember all the little things about motherhood, how my kids felt in my arms and what our family has looked like through each stage of life. I carry this deep love of storytelling and authenticity when I am behind the camera and hope to capture your beautiful family soon.

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