father and daughter in Folsom Lake purple wildflowers

Folsom Lake Lupine Family Photos

These beautiful lupine wildflowers bloom every spring at Folsom Lake (located near Sacramento). When I first saw these wildflowers on the news last year I knew that I needed to experience them for myself. I was so excited when this gorgeous family trusted in my vision and agreed to do their family photo session among the lupine. 

We met at Beeks Bight at Folsom Lake in Granite Bay. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect evening! This family was so easy going and went along with my idea to hike a little ways. They laughed and played, climbed on rocks, snuggled and just enjoyed being around one another. 

Prior to our photo session I worked with this sweet mama on styling. We wanted her and her daughters dress to feel like spring and be cohesive with the wildflowers. We chose muted colors that fit this and felt harmonious with the lupine.

One of my favorite things about this family photo session was their willingness to just relax and let me photograph their connection in the beautiful wildflowers. They were not in a rush and trusted me as their photographer to direct if needed. Mainly though they were just happy to be together. This allowed me to capture their authentic selves in a storytelling way. 

As the sun set during our session the sky began to turn from blue to the most incredible pinks and purples I have ever seen. Folsom Lake reflected the pink and purple sky and illuminated the wildflowers even more. It was as if every speck of the world was glowing. At one point we all stopped and just looked around to take in the breathtaking sunset. 

Although California wildflowers don’t last long they are definitely something to be experienced. Being a lifestyle family photographer and having the chance to combine one of nature’s gift, incredible light and sunsets and the authentic love of a family is a dream come true.

Some sessions just feel like a dream and this was definitely one of them! Although the lupine will be gone soon I am looking forward to visiting these beautiful flowers each year and photographing more families among the wildflowers.

Tips for visiting Folsom Lakes Beeks Bight in Granite Bay

  • Visit during the week to avoid crowds
  • Stay on the paths
  • Wear comfy shoes because you will most likely have to park far
  • Don’t forget your water (and personally I enjoy snacks)
  • Be aware of  your surroundings and on the lookout for rattlesnakes (spring is when they are out)
  •  Don’t forget your phone/camera to take some photos. Try different angles by shooting from above and then getting really low and shooting the lupine straight on. This can create the illusion of even more wildflowers and the paths disappear.
  • If you have allergies, don’t forget to take your medication (although it was beautiful and worth it my eyes were burning after)
  • If you are visiting in the evening pack a sweater. It got cold as the sun began to set!

family walking together during sunset with lupines

mom and dad laughing during photo session

family among the purple lupine in granite bay

girl laughing laying on moms lap

girl following mom at Folsom Lake stopping to touch wildflowers

little girl smiling at dad at Folsom Lake

mom with kids at Beeks Bight in lupine

father and son hugging

mom and son hugging in purple wildflowers

family walking together at Folsom Lake

little girl purple lupines at granite bay

family sitting in lupines at Beeks Bight

family playing at Folsom Lake lupines

little girl with wildflowers

Folsom Lake lupines

family lupines at Beeks Bight

family hugging at beautiful sunset at Beeks Bight

Wildflowers mom daughter


I have always been drawn to light, authenticity and deep connections with others. My love for photography began as I watched my mom capture our families adventures and then wait in anticipation for the photos to be developed. I was so fascinated that I was able to look back and relive those moments through our photos. As a wife and mama to three babies (who aren’t really babies anymore) I know just how precious these days are. I want to remember all the little things about motherhood, how my kids felt in my arms and what our family has looked like through each stage of life. I carry this deep love of storytelling and authenticity when I am behind the camera and hope to capture your beautiful family soon.

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