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What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

Although you may have heard the term “Lifestyle Photography” before you might be wondering exactly what it means. And if you are pregnant or have a little one you might be wondering how a lifestyle session works with a newborn. A lifestyle newborn session captures the connection between your family and new baby and documents how those first few days at home felt in a natural and authentic way.

Location – Where do we go for a lifestyle newborn session?

My lifestyle newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home! Most of my clients are located in the greater Sacramento area. Lifestyle newborn sessions are normally done within the first 7-14 days after baby is born. Typically, I shoot in the nursery and a common area (like a master bedroom or living room). I also walk around the house and if I see good light I will use it. This can be in a hallway, staircase or even kitchen. 

Having a session in your own home is also perfect for older siblings. They are able to be in some photos and then take a break if needed. Older siblings can grab a snack or play for a little bit and then come back into the photos as they please. Older brothers and sisters face many changes and adjustments when a family welcomes a new baby. I try to grab some images of just them and make sure they know just how special they are too.   

Lifestyle is stress free

When I did newborn photos with my oldest my stress (and hormone) level was at an all time high. I was exhausted and didn’t sleep the night before. I was stressed about making sure my son had a full belly before the photographer arrived and worried he wouldn’t be sleepy enough. And when I tried to get ready I cried because nothing fit me (again hormones and exhaustion). Although I am sure the photographer did not intend for any of this to be the case, it was not a great experience.

I want every single one of my mamas to feel relaxed and not to stress before I arrive. If your baby is not hungry just yet, don’t worry because I allow plenty of time for feedings. If your baby is awake the entire time that’s fine also and we will get some great photos with their eyes open. And I have had three kids, I understand postpartum bodies and make sure to place my mamas in the most flattering angles.

Styling – I can help!

I love working with my clients on styling before baby arrives so that it’s one less thing to think about. I recommend lots of neutral colors and textures or layers.

For dads chinos or jeans work great and a natural colored henley or shirt is my go to. Target, Old Navy and J Crew have awesome options. For mamas, my first priority is that they wear something they are comfortable in. Dresses look great, leggings with a sweater, layers and loose fitting tops. If there are older siblings I recommend more neutrals and if desired some sort of pattern incorporated. I recommend avoiding black and bright white, shirts with large logos or screen prints, neons and really bright colors.

In my newborn client closet I have an assortment of newborn outfits, gowns, swaddles and bows available. I bring these to all of my sessions in case my families want to use them. I also ask my clients to send photos of their nursery/house beforehand. This ensures that I have coordinating pieces and get an idea of a cohesive color palette.

Why a lifestyle newborn session?

Lifestyle newborn sessions are some of my absolute favorite! I am able to freeze what those first few days at home with a new baby felt like. There won’t always be a nursery. You probably will move homes at some point. And your baby certainly won’t ever be this tiny again.

Although I will help direct you where to stand or sit and place you in good light, I let the moments authentically happen and capture the emotions as they come. I don’t rush my sessions and feel honored to be allowed into your most sacred place to capture the ones you love the most. I want my clients to look back on these images and not just see but feel those treasured moments at home as their family (and hearts) grew. 

To see a recent lifestyle newborn session with the sweetest family in Rocklin click here!



I have always been drawn to light, authenticity and deep connections with others. My love for photography began as I watched my mom capture our families adventures and then wait in anticipation for the photos to be developed. I was so fascinated that I was able to look back and relive those moments through our photos. As a wife and mama to three babies (who aren’t really babies anymore) I know just how precious these days are. I want to remember all the little things about motherhood, how my kids felt in my arms and what our family has looked like through each stage of life. I carry this deep love of storytelling and authenticity when I am behind the camera and hope to capture your beautiful family soon.

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